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Cowley Area, Oxford 2010

This area has been prone to flooding particularly Marsh Road, where intense rainfall upstream of Boundary Brook has produce flash flooding, which has arrived without warning and disappeared within 30 minutes.

Client – Oxford City Council
The City Council obtained a government grant for property-level flood resilience measures, to protect 21 homes in Marsh Road, Cowley.

Property surveys identified number of measures which included installation of Flash Flood Doors. Working closely with the Council and Environment Agency, Flash Flood Doors Limited, carried out a fabrication survey, and installed 39 Flash Flood Doors in 10 a day construction program, with positive feedback from the customers, the Council and the Environment Agency.

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East Flanshaw, Wakefield   2011

 June 2007 flood event affected some 1500 properties in Wakefield, Derwent  Grove and Rufford Street in East Flanshaw were amongst the areas devastated by this flood.

Client –  Wakefield Council
Wakefield Council obtained a government grant for property-level flood resilience measures, to protect 16 homes in Derwent  Grove and Rufford Street.

Property surveys identified various measures which included, installation of Flash Flood Doors, Airbrick replacement, ground floor WC protection from sewer surcharging, service entry protection, mortar joint repair and application of water sealant to the brickwork.

Following our fabrication survey, all the above mentioned measures were put in place, in a 2 week construction program, with positive feedback from the residents and the council.

Waller Drive Newbury West Berkshire 2016 – 2017 

Properties located within the vicinity of Waller Drive Newbury, was identified by West Berkshire District Council to be at risk of flooding, following heavy rainfall and flooding during 2007.

Client – West Berkshire District
West Berkshire District Council appointed independent flood risk consultants, JBA Consulting to carry out PLP surveys at each property considered under the Newbury PLP Scheme.

Following the Survey tendering process carried out by Ardent Consulting Engineers Flash Flood Doors Limited was chosen to supply and install flood mitigation measures identified by the JBA Consulting survey reports.

We conducted a thorough fabrication survey and consulted the homeowners and tenants identifying the best options available for each of the mitigation measures identified in the initial survey.

Following the survey we reported our findings and program of works to Ardent Consulting and West Berkshire Council. Having received their approval we embarked on fabrication, keeping all parties informed of our progress.

The work on site carried out in 2 phases, commenced on Monday 31st October 2016 with completion and sign off of the second Phase on 21st June 2017.

Communicating with homeowners/tenants and reporting our progress to Ardent Consulting and the Council, resulted in no interruption to homeowners/ tenants daily activities, zero hour delay to site activities and a significant cost saving for the council.

The products used for the project included single and double Flash Flood Doors, full port non return valves, Toilet Bungs, Pump Sump, flood barriers, airbrick protection, , waste pipe Non Return Valves sealing to utility service entry holes, mortar joint repair and application of water repellent to the walls.

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